Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Urban Decay 1999 24/7 Eyeliner Review and Quick EOTD

Described by Urban Decay as "plum w/teeny gold glitter". Sounds perfect for autumn, no? Okay, so these pencils have been around forever, but with all the crunchy leaves about and several conker sightings, I thought it would at least be seasonal so I dug it out and paired it with green and gold. 

I absolutely love these 24/7 eyeliners in general and have got through several of the black one's (Zero). However, as you can see on the swatch below, this one doesn't seem to be as pigmented as some of the others and takes a good few swipes on the eye to get a good colour.
Beautiful colour but a little but sheer.

Want to see what I did with it in about five minutes flat?
Start with no make up. This picture really creeps me out. (*A kitten looks at this picture and starts crying)
Add UD Primer in Eden and then a wash of UD eyeshadow in Blunt (UD: "Subtle, golden beige.") Really poke it into the inner corners. My theory was that this would bring out the gold glitter in 1999.
Work UD eyeshadow in Vert (doesn't appear to currently be available, but there's plenty of green out there) into the crease and over the lid. 
Line top and bottom lash-lines with 1999. Like I said, I felt I had to go over a couple of times to get this depth of colour. Add mascara (mine is Clinique High Impact, my current favourite everyday mascara).
Be pleased with self. 

Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners are £13 from Debenhams, although currently appear to be £11.70. You can't grumble at that. Also available from, a website I am very fond of, but NOT available from Boots anymore. This makes me very sad.


  1. Oooh, this is great with the green!

    Also, damn Boots. What was I saving my points for?! All that restraint...

  2. I have a huge soft spot for coloured eye liners. I actually don't own any black ones :O

  3. Thank you for your comments!
    Robyn - I know, it breaks my heart too.
    Llama - no black at all? I don't think I could cope! Good for you though, bet your everyday eye looks are more fun than mine!


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