Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Lovely Day Out at Staunton Harold Reservoir and the Ferrers Centre

A couple of weeks ago, before my house move and internet-loss, I went with the family to Staunton Harold Reservoir and the nearby Ferrers Centre. 
This is the kind of day out that makes me feel like a right class act - one where I drink tea and come home with things like candles and locally-made jams and a feeling of superiority

The Reservoir, in Derbyshire, is a beautiful place. You can walk through the woodlands by the reservoir, which is really pretty, and there are so many lovely places for a picnic, including the picnic area by the main car park. 

There's also a lovely clean children's play area. Note the clean. I do dislike trying to persuade my child away from a manky play area. Why don't kids see dirt like adults do? Why is this? 

I believe you can sail on the lake too, but obviously I am far too lazy for that sort of behaviour. 

The Ferrers Centre for Arts and Crafts is barely two minutes drive away, so it's worth going to both. I keep going back to the Ferrers Centre again and again - you can find so many unusual things from the workshops which are all set up in the old stables.

Below is the courtyard, with giant chess and a little cafe if you need a cup and tea and a sit-down to recover from all the looking at lovely stuff and feeling middle-class that you will inevitably be doing.

You can see all the pretty shops around the side. My daughter loves the Paint-a-Pot workshop, which is exactly what it sounds like, and my belly loves Breadfirst Deli. 
My husband bought a beautiful bracelet for me for my birthday a couple of years ago from the Ferrers Gallery, which is full of locally-made jewellery, textiles and art.
And if you go into the Victorian Model Workshop, be sure to say hi from me to the mechanical talking owl.

This shop, for example, is called The Catherine Wheel. Don't you just want to rummage in there?

You can also wander through (some of) the grounds of Staunton Harold Hall and Estate. 
This duck was like a dog, and for a while I seriously considered bringing her home, but one can never predict how well wild ducks will get on with my cat. Not well, I'd imagine. So I didn't risk it. 

There is also a garden centre with a lovely cafe in it nearby, where you can get "tea for two" in a giant teapot that gives you a magnificent eight cups. Eight cups of tea! And cake! That's a perfect day out, right there.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

OPI San Tan-Tonio

This is one from the stash that I had avoided.
I remember seeing it on some American pop starlet-type - Miley Cyrus or somebody, and it looked kind of nude with their tan and very lovely. So I assumed I needed a great tan to pull it off. 

My skin colouring is typically the kind of shade that would make Frosty the Snowman look like he had a healthy glow in comparison - but I went to Budapest for nine days at the beginning of Summer, where it was 40 blimmin' degrees, so now I'm rocking the awesome tan you see in the pics!

Oh you don't see a tan? 
Bah. Whatevs.

Actually, it all worked out fine, because San Tan-Tonio was less "tan" than I was expecting. It had less yellow and orange than I suspected, and was more muted and chic, with a good whiff of beige in there. It is the sort of colour I would wear for work, and probably wear a matching work-jumper and look generally inoffensive.

Application was lovely of course (it is an OPI after all) and so it should be seeing as OPIs cost the moon on a stick per bottle over here in the UK (about £10.50 - £11 ish).
My pics show two coats and a coat of Seche on top. To be honest, two coats doesn't give a flawless patch free finish, but it is good enough. 
Wear was great. 
That is all. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Ikea Fairy-Lights Lamp

Just a quick one - I'm still struggling with no internet!
I know I'm not the first person ever to put fairy lights in a vase and call it a lamp...

But look! Soooo pretty!
I think the fairy lights (which are battery powered, so you can hide the box at the back of the lamp) were £4 each, and I've got two strings in there. I think the vase was £3 or £4 too.
It looks so pretty on our bookcase and it's great that it doesn't need a plug. It actually looks much more white, but my camera insisted it was blue.
Fine, camera, you say that. See if I care. ;-)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Moving-House-Type Crap Service Imminent (But Say Hi To Me On Other Socially-Stuff!)

(Subtitled: In which I realise I am shockingly self-centred). 

I've mentioned once or twice (every minute of every day - thank you Fred and George for that joke) that I've bought a new house. 

Well that does mean I'm going to have no proper internet for *gasp* two weeks! 
If I survive, I'll try to properly post again afterwards. I have pre-prepared a couple of rambles, so there shouldn't be tumbleweeds. 

But in other news, I have a shiny shiny new phone (oh I love you phone *makes kissing noises*) which means I can get involved with some modern extravagances I've never been advanced enough to use before... like Instagram. Because I always worry that my photos are just a little too clear, true to colour and realistic looking. Not any more, troops! (Just my little joke, I love you really Instagram, I love you phone *makes kissing noises*). I can also tend to my seriously malnourished flickr account! 

So if you are on Instagram, twitter, Tumblr, facebook, flickr or foursquare come and say hi! I'm on pinterest too, but it's just stuff I want to buy for my house, so that's a bit boring. And I think there's some other clothes-y one I've forgotten.... sigh. I never realised I was so self-obsessed. Oh well. It's normal, right? 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

L'Oreal Line of Beauty - Super Liners

L'Oreal's Line of Beauty launch is all about creating that perfect dark eye. I have to say, this is right up my street - I LOVE black eyeliner, and developed my skills in over-use under the unknowing tutelage of my first (and greatest) make-up guru - Nicky Wire. 
Now I'm knocking well on the door of thirty, I do dabble in an age-appropriate brown or a plum line, but I always come back to black, and you only need to put me within sniffing distance of a night-out for me to trowel it on so thick I get pandas chatting me up.

I got sent to try, from top to bottom:
Super Liner Brow Artist in Brunette
Super Liner Blackbuster (you know this was the one I was most excited about, right?)
Super Liner Perfect Slim
Super Liner Gelmatic in Ultra Black

Here you can see the tips of the liners. Below are the swatches - Blackbuster at the top, then Perfect Slim, Gelmatic and Brow Artist. I am wearing all of them in the top picture.

My thoughts:

Blackbuster - This does give a beautiful thick line, though I had to go over twice to make it as ultra-black as I would like. It doesn't take too long to dry, but I found it did run whilst it was drying if you have wet eyes. I can get wet eyes easily (allergies, cold, poking myself in the eye - that sort of thing) and to be honest, I struggled with it. I think a dry-eyed someone more used to these eyeliner marker pens will have a better time. Removal was easy. 

Perfect Slim - I really like this, but you need to be steady handed. I wore this for a day out to Ikea in a thin line with a little flick. The flicks ran when my eyes got wet in the corners (seriously... my eyes are weird. Please tell me other people's eyes do this?) However the line lasted and lasted and looked immaculate at the end of the day. Again, removal was easy.

Gelmatic - This looks like the boring one of the collection, right? But nooooo! I put this on my water lines (and as I have just established, my eyes can tend towards Mancunian levels of dampness) and it stayed put fairly well. But when it eventually began to drift away, it did not float down into my wrinkles like pretty much every other liner. It sat itself neatly in between the lashes and looked smudgy, sexy and perfect. 
I swear, I will wear this almost every day. It's brilliant.  

 Brow Artist - A good brow pencil, not too hard or soft, and with a useful wax pencil on the other end to hold everything in place. It also has a little brush, so pretty much everything you need.

These are all available from Boots or Superdrug for the six or seven pound mark. I think the Brow Artist is a great idea to keep everything you need in one little pencil. But my pick is definitely the Gelmatic, such a fantastic everyday liner, which is also available as far as I can see in Deep Violet and Taupe Grey (I'm totally buying that one!) 

These items were provided for review. This review reflects my honest opinion having used each of these products. 


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